7 comments on “Exporting runtime private key for msf’s meterpreter reverse tcp and https!

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      • Ok I see what you are asking now. The default meterpreter that ships with Community Framework does not appear to have the logic to hide itself from netstat. You could use a rootkit of some sort that maybe intercepts the logic netstat uses to query its connections and mask yours, or maybe even PORTPROXY on xp to do so as per http://www.slideshare.net/mubix/dirty-little-secrets-they-didnt-teach-you-in-pentest-class-v2, pg 105. I would test your google fu to find other methods or to hone the examples above.

        Luckily, anyone running a protocol sniffer will only see encrypted traffic when trying to analyse the meterpreter connections-unless they happen to have the private key as stated above, which your victims should not be able to obtain. The point of encrypted backdoors, essentially, is not that someone can see your connection to and from said victim, but that they cannot see what that connection is doing. The trick is to blend in with processes currently running on the host so as to not raise suspicion.

        Thank you for your question, I think I have material for another blog post now!

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