4 comments on “Cleaning up MOF persistence using powershell

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  2. Hi, which $EventFilter query would you use to fire an event as soon as WMI service is started at boot time ?
    I’ve tried :
    Select * From __instanceCreationEvent within 1 WHERE TargetInstance ISA ‘Win32_Process” AND Targetinstance.name = “services.exe”
    with LogFileEventConsumer to create a csv file, but it did not create the file. I guess WMI was not yet started.
    How would you do that ?

    • Where were you trying to write the csv to? Could it be an issue with write permissions? Also, remember, anything started by your MOF will run as SYSTEM. I’ll take a look at when exactly WMI starts and see if it catches anything at startup. Do you have a link to the MOF you were using?

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